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  • 6 Apple Flips

    Our freshly baked apple flips now available for purchase in a bundle of 6 for $16.80 with no tax!
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  • Pisces Triple Mix / Compost

    Pisces Triple Mix is composed up of 50% topsoil, 25% compost, and 25% peat. Pisces Compost is made from fish discards, peat, sawdust. Compost benefits: Some of the key benefits of this product include; enhancement of soil base, retention of moisture in the ground, aeration of soil, ease of application, no obnoxious odour, dumping of fish discards at sea is reduced, fish catch is being fully utilized, it's good for the environment. How to use: For flowers, plants, trees and shrubs: this compost may be mixed into the top 8CM to 16CM (3"-6") at a ratio of one part compost to four parts topsoil. For lawn rejuvenation: use in conjunction with regular fertilizer program.
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  • Grow your own Salad Pots

    With our grow your own salad pots you can enjoy your own fresh harvest right from your own window sill! Simply place the lettuce pot in a sunny window that doesn't have a cool draft. Water as needed and fertilize as directed by your chosen fertilizer (make sure it's food grade fertilizer). Pick off and enjoy the largest outside leaves to promote the growth of younger leaves. Tada! Now you too can grow your own leafy veggies from your home. Each pot contains 4 different varieties of lettuce for $14.95
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  • Lester’s Farm Market Tuque

    Just in time for winter, our Lester's Farm market toque's are available for sale!
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  • Potting soil for Indoor plants

    Potting soil for indoor plants! Less watering due to the coconut husk fibre which retains water. Approved for organic culture. 10L bag for $12.95+tax
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  • I Don’t Carrot at all T-shirt

    I don't carrot at all t-shirt, available in adult sizes small- 2XL.
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  • Free Hugs T-shirt

    Free Hugs punny shirt available in sizes Small- 2XL.
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