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  • Broccoli

    *Please note our fresh vegetables are just starting so they are limited supply. If the vegetable is sold out on the day of your order, we will fulfill it as soon as it becomes available again!
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  • Broccoli Seeds

    Veseys Seeds. Good summer variety. Patron produces right 5-6'' domed heads with small beads, ensuring top quality after harvest and handling. Sturdy plants yield heads with slender stalks which require minimal trimming and provide ease of harvest. Mid-season maturity. Suitable for fresh market, bunching and crown cut. Tolerant to Downey Mildew. Maturity 58-60 days from transplanting.
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  • Broccoli- Raab Seeds

    42 days. Also called rapini or broccoli rabe. This versatile variety is perfect for growing throughout the season. Actually a member of the turnip family, stalks, ruffled leaves and florets are all edible. The bitter stalks have a pungent taste, while the florets have a delicate flavour. Sow after the threat of last frost. Broccoli Raab likes cool temperatures for the best flavour.
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Showing all 3 results