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  • Corn Seeds

    Espresso continues to impress us with its early season vigour, even under tough conditions. This synergistic hybrid also produces very large ears for an early variety. Delicious 9" cobs with 16 rows have tapered ends and good tip coverage. In good conditions it will produce two cobs per stalk. Matures in 67 days. The sweet allure of fresh corn will make you want to eat more than one cob. Allure’s crisp and juicy kernels surround a 7-8” cob with 16 rows of delicious flavour. It is quick and easy to pick as it stands on a strong stalk and will supply you with a great yield. 70 days to maturity.
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  • Nova Scotia Corn

    Nova Scotia's sweet corn!
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  • Sweet Corn- Honey & Cream

    This bi-color, heirloom variety has plump juicy kernels 7.5" long. A sweet, delicious combination of yellow and white! Stalks grow 2 meters tall. Plant in rows of at least 4 to provide adequate wind pollination. Honey and Cream is a great variety for freezing.
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Showing all 3 results