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  • Bandit Weeder

    One of the most effective multi-purpose garden tools on the market today. Not only does it eliminate weeds, it improves high clay soils with its slicing/aerating action. 12" long handle.
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  • Beet- Cylindra Seeds

    Nutritious greens and tasty roots that are rich in Vitamin A, iron and potassium. Beets are very easy-to-grow and relatively pest and disease free! Cylindra beet are a very sweet heirloom, its cylindrical shape makes it very nice for pickling or slicing. The leaves of this beet are a little sweeter than most other beets, and are very nice as salad greens. Roots grow to 20cm (8") long, with dark red flesh.
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  • Beet- Detroit Dark Red Seeds

    Nutritious greens and tasty roots that are rich in Vitamin A, iron and potassium. Beets are very easy-to-grow and relatively pest and disease free! 57 days. This heirloom variety is well-known for its uniform rich red flesh and tasty globe-shaped roots that are flattened at the base. The large tops are an attractive deep green tinged with red and reach 40-45cm (16-18”) in height.
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  • Coconut Coir Planting Pots

    These pots made from coconut fiber are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to peat pots and pellets. Compared to peat, coco fiber has a lower incidence of molding, faster water absorption and retention resulting in less watering. $4.95 plus tax for 6 individual pots.
      Dimensions: 4" dia x 4" ht.
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  • Cosmos- Sensation Mix Seeds

    Cosmos will produce an abundance of colourful daisy-like blooms. Sow seed en masse for an outstanding display! This superior variety produces sizable bushy plants with delicate lacy foliage and large single flowers. The 10cm (4”) wide blooms are found in shades of crimson, white and pink, and borne on lofty 120-150cm (48-60”) tall plants
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  • Featherweight Slim Hose (50 feet)

    Green Featherweight Slim Hose for effortless watering!  
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  • Gardeners Kneeling Mat

    The ultimate in kneeling mats, allows you to work along a longer part of the garden without the need to keep getting up and moving the mat. Ideal for decorating or as a maintenance mat in the garage, also a seat cushion for outdoor events. Protect your knees around the home and garden. Soft foam helps protect from sharp objects, hang up handle for easy storage, triple layer foam construction. Measures: 15" W x 39" L.
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  • Gardening Gloves

    The perfect name for this amazing glove manufactured by the world famous Atlas Glove Company. This is the best selling glove offered and features abrasion and puncture resistant Nitrile coating which molds to the hand like a second skin. With a breathable nylon back for added comfort, the Miracle Worker is simply our favourite gardening glove for multi purpose chores. Sizing: Ladies Small fits glove size 6 - 6 1//2, for petite and short fingered hands.  Ladies Medium fits glove size 6 1//2 - 8, for most hands.  Ladies Large fits glove size 8 1//2 and over.  
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  • Grow Bags

    Grow bags are a great, reusable way to garden in small spaces! When the season is over, simply clean out the soil and hang on to it for next season!
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  • Lettuce- Buttercrunch Seeds

    65 days. A long-standing Bibb-type lettuce, Buttercrunch offers tasty deep green leaves that are smooth, firm and crunchy. The medium-sized heads are very slow to bolt in hot weather.
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  • Lettuce- Grand Rapids Seeds

    Lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables to grow! 45 days. Grand Rapids is the most popular loose-leaf variety. It boasts large, compact bright green leaves that are curly and well flavored.
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  • Lupine-Russel Hybrid Seeds

    An easy to grow annual variety of the popular maritime plant that is good planted as a backdrop.
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Showing 1–12 of 22 results