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  • Apple Trees

    When you purchase an Apple Tree, you’re making a wonderful investment! Apple Trees are one of the most widely cultivated fruit trees in the world, since they’re easy, fun, and cost effective. Imagine having bushels of sweet, flavourful apples that you can use for baking, canning, or eating right off the tree.
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  • Bagged Apples

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  • Black Satin Blackberry

    A superior thornless variety that produces huge glossy berries. Very productive. Flavour is honey sweet. Semi-erect type which rarely suckers and is quite disease resistant. Blackberries like half day to full sun and well-drained soil. Pollination Requirements: Blackberries are self-fertile. Bearing Age: 1-2 years after planting.
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  • Broccoli

    Imported Broccoli!
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  • Bunched Bananas

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  • Celery

    Imported celery
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  • Cherry Tree

    Cherry trees are a sight to behold in the spring, when they’re covered in white or pink blossoms. After that, they produce the delicious cherries most people know and love!
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  • Currants

    Currants are members of the Ribes family of flowering shrubs. These small berries are delicious when eaten fresh. They vary in color from deep dark purple to brilliant ruby red to an almost translucent white. All varieties have a bright acid kick to balance out their sweetness, and a fair amount of tannins that can make your mouth pucker. Use them fresh in fruit salads, particularly berry mixes, or to garnish desserts with their pretty color.
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  • Green Onion

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  • Hardy Kiwi Vines

    Hardy kiwi (Actinidia arguta) is the cold-hardy cousin of the vine that produces the familiar kiwi fruit sold at grocery stores. Like its warm-weather cousin, hardy kiwi also produces a sweet edible fruit, but the hardy version is smaller (about the size of a large grape) and can be eaten whole, without peeling. While its fruit is delicious, hardy kiwi is grown in landscapes primarily for its attractive heart-shaped foliage. It is a fast-growing, vigorous vine but is rarely invasive in the way that other fast-growing vining plants can be. Kiwis are climbers of the "twining" type that grow well on trellises, fences, pergolas, and other structures. However, the vines can also overcome shrubs and small trees if left unchecked. Hardy kiwi flowers in the spring and produces fruit in the fall. Most varieties are dioecious (separate male and female plants), and females must be pollinated by a male in order to fruit.
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  • Imported Parsnip

    1 lb bags of imported parsnip, a great addition to soups!
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  • Lemons

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