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  • Bandit Weeder

    One of the most effective multi-purpose garden tools on the market today. Not only does it eliminate weeds, it improves high clay soils with its slicing/aerating action. 12" long handle.
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  • Earwig Trap

    Here is a solution to your earwig problems that is 100% natural and so effective it's hard to believe. Simply place this trap anywhere near your last earwig sighting – at the base of a pot, planter or under the leaves of a growing plant. Earwigs love dark spaces and they’ll quickly find their way from either end of the trap into one of the channels . Since earwigs don’t have the ability to back up, once they’re in, they’re in there to stay until such time you empty the trap into whatever disposal system you choose. Veseys have tested this product over and over again before they started production and without fail it’s been a sure fire winner every time.
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  • Garden Helpers

    We are all aware of our unpredictable Newfoundland weather... Give your garden some warmth and care with our Black Plastic Mulch, Frost Blanket or Mini Greenhouse Tunnels!
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Showing all 3 results