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  • Bandit Weeder

    One of the most effective multi-purpose garden tools on the market today. Not only does it eliminate weeds, it improves high clay soils with its slicing/aerating action. 12" long handle.
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  • Garden Twine

    The name 'Nutscene' is derived from this world famous green twine which, when tied around the plant, cannot be seen.... thus 'not seen'. Manufactured in Forfar, Scotland in the heart of Angus, these jute twines are biodegradable and are made using raw materials from renewable resources. Veseys fell in love with this gardening necessity and they are certain you'll enjoy using Nutscene for your many growing requirements. This 3-ply twine is available in green (120m), natural jute (110m) or pink (120m).
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  • Gardeners Kneeling Mat

    The ultimate in kneeling mats, allows you to work along a longer part of the garden without the need to keep getting up and moving the mat. Ideal for decorating or as a maintenance mat in the garage, also a seat cushion for outdoor events. Protect your knees around the home and garden. Soft foam helps protect from sharp objects, hang up handle for easy storage, triple layer foam construction. Measures: 15" W x 39" L.
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  • Gardening Gloves

    The perfect name for this amazing glove manufactured by the world famous Atlas Glove Company. This is the best selling glove offered and features abrasion and puncture resistant Nitrile coating which molds to the hand like a second skin. With a breathable nylon back for added comfort, the Miracle Worker is simply our favourite gardening glove for multi purpose chores. Sizing: Ladies Small fits glove size 6 - 6 1//2, for petite and short fingered hands.  Ladies Medium fits glove size 6 1//2 - 8, for most hands.  Ladies Large fits glove size 8 1//2 and over.  
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  • Herb Combo Kit

    Enjoy fresh herbs all season long with our herb kits! Simply place your container in a sunny area where you can water as needed. There are two different sizes: a three plant kit, and a five plant kit.
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  • Hosta- Shadowland

    This showy hosta forms a large mound of attractive tricolor leaves of heavy substance. The wide, bright blue margin, apple green jetting, and creamy white center will set this variety apart all season long! The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours).
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  • Kids Gardening Gloves

    For your little helper in the garden, these gloves will help get the work done!
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  • Miracle Grow All Purpose

    Water soluble plant food provides double feeding action by feeding through roots and providing a foliar feeding of micro-nutrients. Starts to work quickly, promoting fast, beautiful results and guaranteed not to burn when used as directed. 500g.
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  • Miracle Grow Tomato Food

    The top choice for your favourite garden crop. Specially formulated for tomatoes and vegetables. You can trust Miracle-Gro® to produce superior results throughout your garden rewarding you with a healthier, more bountiful garden. Comes in a 500g container. 18-18-21.
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  • Rhus- Tiger Eyes

    Rhus Tiphina Tiger Eyes® is one of the most beautiful shrubs and is well displayed as an ornamental in many gardens. Grows up with a spreading, suckering, upright habit, without being aggressive, to 3-6 ft. tall and wide (90-180 cm).
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  • Thuja Little Giant

    Little Giant's are slow growing, compact and hardy. Requires little or no pruning to keep round shape. Soft feathery bright green foliage, and during the winter turns into a pale green colour. Gives a nice formal look. Very versatile in the landscape. Great for a small hedge, as a foundation or border accent. Grow in well-drained or moist soil in sunny locations.
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  • Veseys Oak Dibber

    This traditional oak garden tool is a useful addition to any gardener's kit. Ideal for planting flower bulbs, the oak dibber has been calibrated in inches so you can guage the perfect depth when planting. Smooth to the touch and extremely user-friendly, the dibber is perhaps the most affordable and convenient tool you can own. 8" long.
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