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  • Basil Seeds

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  • Beet Seeds

    Grow your own delicious beets!
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  • Brussel Sprout Seeds

    Early Maturing. Deep green sprouts are spaced closely on medium sized plants. Firm, oval-shaped, medium sized sprouts. Holds well in adverse weather. Maturity approximately 100 days.
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  • Cabbage Red- Kosaro Seeds

    Improved first early red cabbage. This hybrid variety produces round, tightly wrapped 3 lb. heads with excellent colour. Matures in 70 days. Takes 7-10 days to germinate. Planting depth: 1/4". Space between plants 12-24" and between rows 24-36".
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  • Cabbage Seeds

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  • Carrot Seed

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  • Cauliflower Seeds

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  • Corn Seeds

    Espresso continues to impress us with its early season vigour, even under tough conditions. This synergistic hybrid also produces very large ears for an early variety. Delicious 9" cobs with 16 rows have tapered ends and good tip coverage. In good conditions it will produce two cobs per stalk. Matures in 67 days.
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  • Cucamelon Seeds

    Tiny green striped fruit with a delicious and unique flavour. These cucamelons are productive and have great disease resistance. Perfect for snacking, pickling or adding to salads. Cucamelons should be started indoors similar to a melon, and transplanted outdoors after last frost.
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  • Cucumber Seeds

    Sliced, pickled, or pulled right off the vine, you'll enjoy the unmistakable flavour of cucumbers! Cucumbers are so easy to grow you can plant your cucumber seeds on hills, in rows, up trellises, or in containers.
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  • Napoli Pelleted Carrot Seed

    Extra early hybrid. Bright 7-8 inch, slightly tapered roots have excellent sweet flavour and dark green tops. Fantastic as an early bunching carrot. Napoli keeps well in the fall and becomes very sweet when harvested late. Extra early at 55 days. Approx 1000 seeds/package. These are a treated pelleted seed. pelleted seed is easy to handle and saves space while reducing the amount of thinning required. Keep moist until the coating has cracked.
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  • Oriental Greens- Mizuna

    A slender leafed and mild flavoured salad green. Mixed with your favourite leaf lettuce and top with a zesty dressing for an appealing gourmet salad. Harvest when plants are still small for mildest flavour. Will regrow when cut.
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Showing 1–12 of 23 results