Seed Potatoes

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Our seed potatoes are sold in 5 pound bags. Our current varieties we have available are: Blue Pride, Madam Blue, and Superior

Please note that we are trying to accommodate both market customers and online orders. If the plants are sold out online you can check with our market to see if we have more. Our plants are selling at a much faster pace than previous years.


Before you plant your potatoes, make sure you have properly prepared your soil. A potato plant grows from a seed potato-each seed potato should have an eye. The eye of the potato is where it will begin to sprout- place the eye of the potato facing up. The ideal size for seed potatoes is slightly larger than a golf ball-if you have a seed potato that is larger than this simply cut it in half, ensuring that both pieces have an eye on it. Each potato will grow into a plant and produce multiple of potatoes.
To plant: Dig a trench that is 6 inches in depth. From here simply place a potato every 12 inches so that you have plenty of space for the potatoes to grow.

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Gold Rush, Yukon Gold, Superior, Red Norlands, Blue Pride, Madam Blue

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    I picked up my seed potatoes at Lester’s last year and they were the best crop harvested. Can’t remember what I had… some red….some yellow……. looking forward to getting my garden in again this year, at the cottage. 🙂

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