Strawberry Plants


Grow your BERRY own! We have Valley Sunset and Kent (sold in bundles of 25), and Seascape (sold in bundles of 15).

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Plant your strawberries in a sunny location that is easily accessible for harvest time. The “crown” of the strawberry is where the roots are attached to the leafy part of the plant. Dig a hole and cover the crown of the strawberry. Plant each plant 12 inches apart from each other and leave about 2 feet between each rows of plants. Pick off the white blossoms for the first year (for the seascape variety only pick off the blossoms for the first 6 weeks that they appear). By picking off the blossoms the plant will put more energy into making a strong, healthy plant that will be able to overwinter well.

Valley Sunset: A late season berry with great taste and production. Harvest in year 2
Seascape: A day neutral berry (means that you harvest in the summer and fall) with good taste. Harvest in the fall of year 1. 

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Kent, Valley Sunset, Seascape


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