Syringa (Lilac)


Syringa are classic garden shrubs and small trees that bear deliciously fragrant, tubular flowers which capture the essence of spring. Out of bloom, they often fade into the background. Some species are grown as specimens or in groups in the lawn or shrub border; they also form a good privacy hedge. The flowers are beloved for bouquets, and when in bloom, butterflies adorn them.

Grow in reasonably fertile, well-drained soil in full sun; prefers neutral to slightly alkaline soil. Plant in areas with good air circulation to thwart disease. Promptly deadhead spent blossoms to produce more robust blooms for the following year. Prune lightly (or renovate S. vulgaris ) in late winter or early spring to maintain a healthy framework, remembering that most species form flowers on the previous season’s growth.

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Tinkerbelle, Vulgaris


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