Vertical Trellis Kit


The Dalen Products A-Frame Trellis Kit is a chance to lift your garden space vertically. In addition to helping your back and knees, this will provide more space for your beans, cucumbers, peas, squash and the like to climb up. This yields cleaner produce (avoiding rot from ground contact), provides more space in your garden plot, and simplifies harvesting. Ideal for small space gardens since plants are encouraged to grow up, not out.

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The kit requires basic assembly of the poles and connectors (to create the frame work) and the netting. The 45 x 45 plastic frame work is secured into the ground. Stretch the nylon netting over the frame and encourage the little plants to climb as soon as the tendrils are tall enough. The generous square openings on this net make it easy to reach through and harvest your crops. And, you can easily disassemble it for use next season. If needed, all pieces can be hand washed.Ideal for small space gardens
Healthy and clean produce – lifts the crop off the ground
Harvesting ease
Simple assembly required – no tools needed
Reusable season after season


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